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Lariam may cause serious mental problems in some people. Tell your doctor malarone vs lariam cost if you experience any of the following while taking Lariam.

Lariam tablets contain the active ingredient mefloquine. Lariam is used to treat malaria and cytotec misoprostol malaysia, cytotec misoprostol malaysia, cytotec misoprostol malaysia, cytotec misoprostol malaysia, cytotec misoprostol malaysia, cytotec misoprostol malaysia. to help prevent you from catching malaria.

Skin Disorders. malarone vs lariam cost.erythema multiforme.and Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

In patients with epilepsy.Lariam (mefloquine) may increase the risk of convulsions. The drug should therefore be prescribed only for curative treatment in such patients and only if there are compelling medical reasons for its use (see PRECAUTIONS. DRUG INTERACTIONS ).

For children.the dosage is based on their weight. Early vomiting may occur in children after taking mefloquine. If vomiting occurs in your malarone vs lariam cost after taking this the doctor right away to see if your child needs to take another dose of the medication. If vomiting continues.check with your doctor for a different medication to use in place of mefloquine.

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