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Chemotherapy alone or in combination with radiation therapy.except in high-risk patients (e.g..those with poor performance status.visceral [lung or liver] disease.purchase minomycin 50mg disease.poor cardiac status)

Minocycline can make your birth control less if you are taking birth to your doctor before you begin taking minocycline.

You should not take minocycline if you are taking Soriatane (acitretin) Theracrys (BCG live intravesical)

The name of your medicine is MINOMYCIN. It contains the active ingredient minocycline hydrochloride.

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Other. Thyroid cancer has been reported in the post-marketing setting in association with minocycline products. When minocycline therapy is given over prolonged periods.monitoring for signs of thyroid cancer should be considered. When given over prolonged periods.tetracyclines have been reported to produce brown-black microscopic discoloration of the thyroid gland. Cases of abnormal thyroid function have been reported.

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