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As noted above.research on Hoodia Gordonii is in relative infancy. However.some studies are correlating the use of Hoodia Gordonii with symptoms such as elevated heart rate. [5]

Sympathomimetic agents as amphetamine derivatives or sibutramine are effective in weight management.but due to their serious cardiovascular side effects.they were withdrawn from the market. In the case of H. gordonii .cardiovascular side effects and proposed anorectic property are reported.raising the questions whether these effects are caused by the same constituents. and if they are.whether the responsible compound is truly P57.

Associated with safety and health issues.promotional health and disease-fighting claims of products fortified with nutriceuticals will be challenged. Oregano has been touted as a flu fighter. Therefore.the question becomes. if oregano as a herbal additive in cooking is safe.are we justified in saying that a concentrated extract of oregano (oil of oregano) is also safe as an anti-flu preventative? May promoters advertise these claims? We do not possess the knowledge based on experience or on theory of safe use that such claims are justified.

There is limited drug interaction information available between Hoodia and other medicines. It is recommended that patients talk to their doctor.pharmacist.or health care provider before taking any prescription or over-the-counter medicines or other herbal/ health supplements.

There have been smaller scale studies.some of which have suggested that it does have appetite- suppressant properties. A study carried out in hoodia superfoods best price UK on obese patients by Phytopharm (the company holding the license for Hoodia ).reported a statistically significant reduction in daily average calorie intake of volunteers.who were administered large doses of Hoodia .

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